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The 4th trimester, typically the first 12 weeks after delivery, is a time of immense physical and emotional transition for new mothers. The gap between routine obstetric care and regular primary care can leave moms vulnerable to various medical and psychosocial complications.


Our 4th Trimester package is intended to provide the support and care to bridge the gap. 


FREE for members of Sound Internal Medicine

$775 for non-members of Sound Internal Medicine

Gift cards are available!

Open to ALL moms (biological, adoptive, surrogate, pregnancy loss) 


 Comprehensive IN-HOME Physical 

  • Full medical history

  • Full fertility/pregnancy history

  • Full discussion/debriefing of labor and delivery experience

  • Review and translation of medical chart

  • Complete physical exam

  • Assistance with feeding and pumping (if desired)

  • Mental health assessment and treatment plan

  • Physical health assessment and treatment plan

  • Maternal support assessment


​Additional benefits:

  • 12 weeks of unlimited access by office visit, phone, video, and email for questions and reassurance

  • Care coordination with obstetric, medical, and mental health specialists 

  • Written professional recommendations for long-term management of medical conditions associated with pregnancy and postpartum period 

  • Resource library​​​​​


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