The Right Way to Use SculpSure®️

No one likes body fat — or seeing it when you look in the mirror. Especially when you’re actually eating well and exercising. Sometimes there’s just some stubborn body fat that doesn’t want to go away.

For many, the idea of liposuction or surgery is too expensive and too time-consuming. The good news is that you have other options, especially noninvasive procedures like SculpSure®️, that actually work. When you come in to see us at Sound Internal & Aesthetic Medicine in Federal Way, Washington, Ignatius Medani, MD, can help you learn if SculpSure is the right way for you to fight that extra body fat.

SculpSure the right way

SculpSure is a type of lipolysis, using lasers to melt and eliminate fat cells. While this FDA-cleared treatment works great for both men and women, it’s important to know that SculpSure is not for weight loss, nor is it for people who are obese. In fact, it’s best for the spot treatment of specific areas where getting rid of fat can be tricky. These areas include:

When you visit Dr. Medani, he discusses your goals with you and makes sure this body contouring procedure is a good choice for you.

How SculpSure works

Dr. Medani works with you to determine how many treatments you need to meet your goals and discusses everything you know about the procedure. For example, you may have to stop certain medications before a SculpSure treatment.

Once you’re in the office, this noninvasive procedure takes only about 25 minutes for each session, and you’re completely relaxed and usually reclining. In fact, there are no incisions or anesthesia, which means very little discomfort.

A member of our team places the SculpSure applicator on the areas you want to target, and it warms the fat cells beneath your skin’s surface enough to break them up and destroy them — without damaging your skin. You can read or even take a quick nap during the procedure. And then literally during the next several weeks, your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells naturally.

While your skin may be slightly irritated and the specific treatment areas may be a little sore, these effects resolve quickly, and you can resume normal activities, including working out, immediately after the treatment. After about two to three months, you see some real results.

At that point, you can have another treatment to further target that area if you wish. Of course, we encourage you to keep eating right, working out, and maintaining a healthy weight. While those destroyed fat cells can’t come back, you don’t want to gain weight and increase the size of your remaining fat cells.

If you’re ready to learn whether SculpSure is right for you, call our office or book an appointment using the online tool. Let us help you meet your goals and be thrilled with the way you look.

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