Start SculpSure this Month and Have the Body You've Always Wanted this Summer


If you feel like your ideal body shape is always just out of reach, we have a tool that can close the gap. Stubborn fat pockets have met their match with our new SculpSure® system.

Here at Sound Internal and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Ignatius Medani and our team want our clients in Federal Way, Washington, to look and feel great, inside and out. In addition to our comprehensive medical services, we also offer a unique product that puts the exclamation point on your weight loss efforts — SculpSure body sculpting.

Here’s a look at how SculpSure works, and why if you start now, you’ll have the body you’ve always wanted come summer.

Fighting fat

In order to better understand why SculpSure works so well, it’s useful to review what we’re up against when it comes to body fat. If you’ve done what you can to lose weight through diet and exercise, only to be left with pockets of fat that are seemingly immune to your efforts, you’re not alone.

How and where your body stores fat is largely guided by your biology. For example, if you’re a woman, your body is programmed to hold onto extra fat stores around your reproductive organs, which means your abdomen, hips, and thighs. If you’re male, your body tends to carry fat around your midsection.

The real problem, however, comes when you embark on a weight loss program and try to target these areas. While your efforts are never in vain — your body does shed the pounds — it may not be where you want. Because of your biology, your body will turn to other areas to draw its energy from, leaving your problem areas frustratingly intact. This means that no matter how hard you try, you’re unable to dictate where your body loses the weight.

The SculpSure difference

Given what we know about the behavior of fat, it’s easy to see why SculpSure has helped so many people. With SculpSure, we’re able to bypass your biological directives and target the specific fat you want to get rid of.

SculpSure delivers laser energy into your fat cells, which heats and destroys them, all without harming the surface of your skin. Once they’re destroyed, the fat cells are flushed out through your body’s lymphatic system. Using this technique, we’re able to reduce the number of fat cells in your target areas by up to 24%, and they don’t return.

SculpSure is noninvasive and has been cleared by the FDA to tackle your:

And the FDA just recently added that stubborn fat under your chin to this growing list.

The road to a new you

Each SculpSure treatment takes just 25 minutes, after which you’re free to go about your day since there’s no downtime needed. Most of our patients benefit from a series of SculpSure sessions, which we can determine when we sit down with you to review your goals.

The treatments themselves are spaced apart by 4-6 weeks to allow time for your body to respond and flush out the expired fat cells. In about three months time after your final treatment, you should realize the full benefits of your SculpSure treatments — just in time for summer.

To get started, simply give us a call or use the online booking tool on this website to set up your appointment.

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