Not Loving the Love Handles? Learn About Our Surgery-Free Solution

Not Loving the Love Handles? Learn About Our Surgery-Free Solution

While appreciation for the mom or dad bod is growing in popular culture, you’d likely still prefer to live without love handles, particularly when you work hard to keep your body at or near your ideal weight. The fact is that your body changes because of time and varying hormone levels, so fat storage is out of your hands. In some locations, like those love handles and your abdomen, stored fat sits between your skin and the toned muscle underneath, hiding your weight-loss and conditioning efforts.

When you’re this close to the body shape you want, liposuction surgery is overkill, requiring recovery time and adding surgical incisions. What you need is a treatment that melts fat in your problem locations without penetrating the skin. And if it could be done in a short office visit after which you can return to your day, even better. The surgery-free SculpSure®️ system harnesses the properties of laser light to give you exactly these benefits.

SculpSure and the coagulation point

Fat tissue, like most tissue in your body, has a narrow window of temperature tolerance. If fat cells are heated past a certain point, your body recognizes them as damaged and starts a metabolic process to remove these compromised cells. As it happens, fat responds to a temperature that’s only about 10 degrees higher than your normal body temperature. That’s called the coagulation point.

SculpSure uses lasers tuned to a wavelength that fat tissue absorbs. When the tissue absorbs the light energy, it warms up, just as your face warms as you turn toward the sun on a bright day. When SculpSure’s lasers warm fat tissue to the coagulation point, your body notes the damage and sends signals to remove the affected cells, using your lymphatic and circulatory systems in a completely natural way, gradually. You don’t know these changes are happening — until you see the results.

What to expect from a SculpSure session

A SculpSure treatment lasts for 25 minutes, and with four system applicators, you can treat four problem areas in a single session. SculpSure treatments have clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for fat removal in the following locations:

Because every patient is different, you may need a single treatment or a series of treatments, depending on your body sculpting goals.

During the session itself, your first sensations are cool. Although your skin can tolerate a wider temperature range than fat tissue, SculpSure’s applicators include cooling heads to further protect your skin. After the session, you may feel a warm tingle, like after a day at the beach, but without exposure to harmful ultraviolet light.

You start to see results from your treatment in about six weeks, with maximum results usually apparent by 12 weeks. The best part? SculpSure treatment is permanent. Your body doesn’t replace those damaged cells. If you maintain your healthy diet and exercise routine, you’ve said goodbye to these problem spots for good.

SculpSure can deliver the fine-tuning for the body you’re after. Call or click to arrange an appointment with Dr. Ignatius Medani and the team at Sound Internal and Aesthetic Medicine to learn more about SculpSure and find out if you’re a candidate for this remarkably powerful body sculpting system.

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